There is such a raw strength in connecting with our vulnerability, admitting what we don't know, and asking for guidance

Cyrene Harding

CEO/Founder & Spiritual Mentor

"I'm Cyrene, momma (and aunt) to 15 rescue critters (listed below as our "official" support crew ;p). I'm the spiritual mentor and founder of Shadow Animism, a practice that's all about connecting with all of yourself so you can connect with all of Nature. I have a background in wildlife biology, with a Master's in Biology and previously worked as an environmental photojournalist. I'm pretty obsessed with all things outdoors. So when I'm not supporting my clients or taking care of my hoard o' critters, I'm off hiking, camping, scuba diving, of photographing wildlife."

Sara Vogt

Virtual Executive Assistant

"Hi, I’m Sara a fur mom to 3 precious bunnies (Charlie, Oreo and Mary Evelyn) and 1 old man guinea pig (Jean-Luc). I’m about two years into my journey with all things witchy and so far Tarot, animal spirits and crystals are my main interests! I have recently fallen in love with houseplants and if I’m not taking care of them you’ll find me reading or trying different foods! I have over 15 years experience in the administrative field and one of my passions is being behind the scenes helping women like Cyrene keep their business flourishing!"

Support Crew

Chickory Harding


Shona Harding


Dozer Harding

Pit Bull

Sherbert Krey


Salem Krey


Paprika Krey

Saharan Uromastyx

George Krey


Marble Krey


Runt Krey


Buttercup Krey

Ball Python

Snips Harding

Black Ratsnake

Carrots Krey

Black Ratsnake

Spike Krey

Common Snapping Turtle

Oreo Beair

Cat Nephew

Khaleesi Beair

Cat Niece