Find purpose and transformational healing in a deep, soul shaking journey of self-exploration


Let’s talk connection…


Every spiritual person I meet is somehow both connected to nature while disconnected from themselves.


It doesn’t work that way.

If you’re truly, deeply, relentlessly connected to nature, then you have that connection with yourself as well.

Unfortunately, that isn’t how this knowledge is usually presented. We aren’t taught that a connection to nature will bring us purpose, healing, confidence. We aren’t told that this connection will empower our intuition, bring us limitless joy and pleasure, and allow us to create an impactful legacy.

But it does...

If you know how to tap into the deepness, rawness, and chaotic fierceness of nature. Both the nature within yourself and the nature within all other life.

That’s what I help you do.

Hey there!

I’m Cyrene, a biologist and certified spiritual coach…


My path has been filled with many twists and turns, all of which have led me right here which is exactly where I want to be in this moment!

Things haven’t always been easy for me. My start to life was filled with violence and abuse of all kinds. I struggled with PTSD for many years and lived in a dark pit of despair for so long I thought I’d never be able to climb out.

But I did.

Finding my balance and healing through nature spirituality, animal connection, animism, and shadow work. The smile I wear today is real, the false façade has been torn down!

And it’s all led me here, to be a support and guide for others who are deepening into themselves and tearing down their own fake façades!






Find wisdom, inspiration, and insight in the Shadow Animism Resource Center. I share my own journey and insight to support your journey as well as interviews with experts who can enhance all realms of your life with their wisdom and guidance, plus research relating to Shadow Animism.

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Chelsea M.

“Cyrene is honestly such an amazing person and coach. She is unapologetically herself and she makes it so so easy to be yourself in her presence. She is non-judgmental, insightful, and incredibly kind. She has experienced a lot of life and has the ability to use her experience to help others in a really tangible way. My life has been greatly impacted by her and I am so excited to see how she impacts others. Thank you Cyrene for being so awesome!”

Ola W.

“Cyrene is so nourishing, loving and she IS AN EXPERT! SHE LIVES THAT! and I wouldn't be able to go through this process on my own without her. The whole program is specifically organized FOR you, so you can make the best out of it and heal and learn whatever you need. It's not a 'set your goals and go' coaching. It's different. Is so in-depth and it gives you such a deep understanding of who you are. It's so unique.. so if you were lucky to come across her - it's something that I know without the shadow of the doubt will help you.”


“Cyrene's warm nature is all kinds of welcome for those of us with battered nerves and a little bit (or a lot of) fear of leaning in. I have felt safer about trusting my intuition, which was a huge struggle for me at the beginning. I am okay with my faults because my shadow self is an integral part of me and learning to trust myself is a huge component of the work we did. You are amazing Cyrene, and anyone who works with you knows it!!”